I resumed posting to HIVE.blog on this account about a year ago. I have not contributed many post so far, but my HIVE POWER (HP) has been slowly accumulating without powering down.

There are many ways to accumulate HP. Many methods I am probably unaware of..... In this post, I will summarize what I am currently doing for HP.

What I am doing to stake more HIVE

■Posting from Actifit

We can receive an upvote from @actifit account by walking at least 5,000 steps and posting it from the actifit fitness app. And we can also pay for AFIT tokens to receive a slightly larger upvote than usual, which I sometimes use.

AFIT tokens can be earned in the following ways ;

・Posting reports from actifit app
・Upvoting for posts posted from actifit app
・Delegate HP to @actifit account

I am delegating about 200 HP to actifit. By delegating, I also receive a small weekly delegateion payout (HIVE, HBD), which I regularly power up.

■ Posting from @ecency

I have been posting from @ecency mobile app and website. Like @actifit, we may receive upvotes by submitting from @ecency and paying for ecency points. We need to have a certain number of characters, and if it is in Japanese, it will not be counted, so we need to write in English as well.

However, the last few times I have sent points, they have been refunded without being upvoted. It seems that ecency checks the posts and upvotes it, so maybe my posts did not meet the criteria or I got on the IGNORE list.... I am going to try a few more times and give up if it doesn't work.

You can earn ecency points by using the app/website or by delegating HP.

【2022.10.26 Postscript】

Yesterday I posted from ecency and paid the points, and got upvote. It seems I was not on the ignore list.


For upvoting, I use HIVE VOTE to UPVOTE my friends' articles.

Sometimes I may be away from HIVE for a long time for various reasons. Even in such a case, if I can upvote automatically to people I want to support with HIVE VOTE, I don't have to waste my HP.

■Playing in splinterlands

I am a Splinterlands player and currently have 6,500 SPS staking in the game. The APR as of today for SPS is 28.50%.

I can get SPS and Vouchers as staking rewards and I claim these every Friday. I transfer those to my HIVE WALLET from Splinterlands via HIVE ENGINE about once a month to power up.

You can also get SPS in daily battles. I claim the rewards by battles every Friday as well. However, the SPS from battle rewards go directly to staking when you claim, so you cannot send SPS to the HIVE ENGINE unless you unstake it. But I will try to do my best in battles as well, since I can indirectly increase my staking rewards by winning many battles.

I could sell the cards and get money, but I am not selling them now in order to keep my collection power (needed to get to the higher leagues).

What I would like to try in the future

I received a comment from @yadamaniart about HBD savings accounts, which I hope to try in the near future. I have very little HBD right now, so I'll start by posting articles.

Also, this may not be directly related to rewards, but I would like to read around articles by various people. Because I have been away from HIVE for a long time and I am not sure what kind of communities and services are in HIVE right now and what kind of discussions are going on there.

In my case, I would be exhausted if I set out to post every day. I will continue to take it easy.



これまで記事の投稿はあまりしてきませんでしたが、HIVE POWERはパワーダウンすることなく少しずつ貯めています。

HIVE POWERを貯めるには、色々な方法があります。私が知らない方法も、おそらくたくさん…。

この記事には、私が現状HIVE POWERを貯めるためにやっていることを記録として残しておきます。

私がHIVE POWERを貯めるためにやっていること







delegateによって、少しですが毎週delegateion報酬(HIVE, HBD)も受け取っており、これも定期的にパワーアップに使っています。


@ecency のモバイルアプリ、WEBサイトからも記事を投稿していました。






【2022.10.26 追記】


upvoteについては、HIVE VOTE(自動UPVOTEツール)を使い、繋がりのある人にUPVOTEしています。

様々な事情で長くHIVEから離れてしまうこともあります。そんな時でもHIVE VOTEで応援したい人に自動でupvoteができれば、自分のHPを無駄にせずに済みます。




ステーキングリワードとして、SPSとVoucherをもらえるので、私はこれを毎週金曜日にClaimするようにしています。それらを月に1回程度、hive engine経由でSplinterlandsからHIVE WALLETに送金し、パワーアップします。


バトル報酬のSPSはClaimすると直接ステーキングに回るため、アンステークしない限りhive engineに送ることはできません。とはいえ、バトルでたくさん勝利することによって間接的にステーキングリワードを増やせるので、バトルも頑張ろうと思っています。

カードを売るという手もありますが、collection power(上位リーグに行くために必要)を保つため、今は売っていません。


@yadamaniart さんからHBD貯蓄口座に関するコメントを頂いたので、近いうちに試したいと思っています。