Last week I was too exhausted from PTA events and taking my boys out to play to write this weekly report. So today, I would like to review 2 weeks at a time.

Blog rewards of last 2 weeks

Last week's blog reward was 4.765 HBD + 14.507 HP, and this week it was 5.372 HBD + 16.140 HP.

Most of my posts are diary-like, but I am able to receive upvotes from liketu by posting with photos from liketu.com. Although I would like to try various platforms, I am still happy when I receive a large upvote, which makes me want to post from liketu.

Not long ago, when I sent ecency points, they were often refunded without being upvoted. However, recently I have been getting upvoted again. I will continue to do my best to write articles that people find interesting, while using ecency points, AFIT tokens, etc. from time to time.

HIVE Power Up Day

December 1 was HPUD. I powered up the 100 HIVE I collected in November. Here is the post I wrote at that time.

To my surprise, I won an award for participating in the HPUD and received 500HP delegate for 4 weeks...! I didn't really know that there was a prize in HPUD, so I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you @hivebuzz, @traciyork and @zekepickleman, I will enjoy my power up status for 4 weeks.

After HPUD and this week's claim, I reached 1,075 HP. I will reach 1,100 HIVE by the end of the year.

From Splinterlands

I was able to get about the same amount of SPS for staking rewards each week. It is about 25 SPS for about 6,900 SPS staking. However, since SPS prices have been dropping steadily, the HIVE gained from the sale has been much reduced.

But I need liquid HIVE to participate in next month's HPUD. I am earning SPS every week in rank battles and brawls, and staking more new SPS than I sell. So I will continue to sell staking rewards as per the rules I originally set.


The price of GLX has also dropped a lot. Still, the daily airdrops and staking rewards are definitely helping a lot to increase HIVE... whether to save GLX or sell it for HIVE... I'm still trying to decide clearly what my strategy is here. But for the time being, I sold this week.

Price aside, I am very pleased with the GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS project, I was able to get an SPS airdrop for having Splinterlands cards and now a GLX for staking that SPS. How interesting...!!

Year-end plans

As the end of the year 2022 approaches, it is a busy time for all of us, but I want to keep up my daily postings.

This winter, I am currently planning to go back to my parents' house. It's a good opportunity to visit places I wouldn't normally go, so I hope to be able to post another travel article type of post.








HIVE Power Up Day

12月1日はHPUD(HIVE POWER UP DAY)でした。私は前月に貯めておいた100HIVEをpower upしました。HPUDに関する投稿はこちらです。

そしてなんと、HPUDに参加したことで賞に当選し、4週間500HPのdelegateを受けられることになったのです…!実はHPUDに賞があることはよく知らずに参加していたので、嬉しい驚きでした。@hivebuzz さん、@traciyork さん、@zekepickleman さん、ありがとうございます。4週間、パワーアップ状態を楽しみます。






GLXの価格もだいぶ下がってしまいました。それでも日々のエアドロップとステーキング報酬は、HIVEを増やすのにかなり役立っていることは間違いありません。GLXを貯めるのか、それとも売ってHIVEにするのか… 私はここの戦略をハッキリと決めかねているのですが、ひとまず今週は売りました。