Hi, here is a summary of my HIVE and HBD acquisitions this week.

This Week's Blog Rewards

I got 2.491 HBD and 6.041 HIVE POWER on HIVE.blog this week.

This is the total amount of posting and curation rewards. Every Friday, I claim the week's rewards and send it to HIVE WALLET. My blog posts were submitted mainly from ecency or actifit and boosted by paying points or tokens.

For posts related to my plan "Making school expenses for my son in HIVE ", I decided to use ENGRAVE. I recommend this one because aside from the rewards, you can create your own blog site with posts on specific topics. There are only two posts yet in my site, but it looks like.


From Splinterlands

I got 8.364 HIVE from Splinterlands.

I sold my remaining SPS and VOUCHER (both staking rewards) in the game and exchanged them for HIVE.

The number of my battles has been decreasing recently, and there are many days when I have not received any daily rewards. SPS earned from daily or season rewards are staked when claimed, so they cannot be transferred unless unstaked. However, since we can indirectly increase our staking rewards, daily battles are still important.

I am planning to power up my HIVE got from Splinterlands on HIVE POWER UP DAY on the 1st of next month.


I have increased the amount of delegate to actifit because I like actifit and often post from here. Actifit's FAQ says that we can boost our rewards by increasing our user rank, so I will continue to delegate more little by little.

When I have saved 10 HBD, I will try to put it into savings account.

Today we had baked sweet potatoes at tea time. Simply baking in the oven at 160°C for 90 minutes without pre-heat produces delicious baked sweet potato.

It reminds me of the baked sweet potatoes I used to eat as a child in the fall when my grandparents and parents were harvesting rice in the rice paddies. I would eat them with my brothers and neighborhood friends. Those rice paddies no longer exist.




ブログ報酬は、2.491 HBD+6.041 HIVE POWERでした。

投稿報酬とキュレーション報酬を合わせた額です。私は毎週金曜日に、1週間分の報酬をclaimしてHIVE WALLETに送金しています。ブログ記事は主にecencyまたはactifitから投稿し、ポイントやトークンを支払うことでブーストしてもらいました。







Splinterlandsで得たHIVEは、来月1日のHIVE POWER UP DAYにパワーアップしようと思っています。


@actifit アカウントへのdelegateを増やしました!actifitが好きなのと、よくここから投稿するからです。