I want to make my son's school expenses with HIVE

I had previously posted that I wanted to make my second son's school expenses with HIVE. Recently, I have decided that I really want to work on that. And I'll try to post the process in ENGRAVE. I have wanted to use ENGRAVE for a long time.

I opened Junior NISA accounts for my two sons in 2020. NISA is a tax-free program for investment. For education expenses, every month I am saving some investment trust by purchasing them. The funds I purchase are mainly global equity index funds.

The Junior NISA will end next year, in 2023. After that, I will be able to invest my money tax-free until my two sons reach adulthood. But there is a possibility that the Junior NISA will not work out well, so I need to save the money in other way at the same time. To supply a shortage. Since it is not fun to save in JPY, I decided to save in HIVE, which I love.

For 14 years after

Why not the first son's tuition? Because I can take a longer investment period for the second son than the first son. That's the only reason.

This yaer the second son is 4, and he will not go on to university until 14 years from now. I think it is quite an exciting experiment to accumulate a portion of the educational expenses into the HIVE chain.

My hope is to save about 1 million JPY in HIVE over 14 years. Since the price of HIVE go up and down, I can't make a strict plan. However, if I contribute to HIVE.blog and play Splinterlands, I will be able to save up the money without any difficulty.

Today's HIVE POWER balance

My HIVE POWER as of today is 888.

I am very excited to increase this balance.










長男は今年10歳、次男は4歳、次男が大学に進学するのは14年後。14年もあれば、それなりの額になるのではないかと… それまで(その先も)HIVEが続いてくれることを願います!


価格は上下するので、いつまでにいくらといった厳密な計画は立てられませんが… HIVE.blogに投稿したり、Splinterlandsで遊んだりしていれば、自然と貯められる額のような気がしています。