Here is a summary of my HIVE and HBD acquisitions this week.

This Week's Blog Rewards

I got 1.595 HBD and 4.122 HIVE POWER on HIVE.blog this week.

I know it is quite a small amount in HIVE blogger, but if converted to Japanese yen, it amounts to about 500 yen. 500 yen a week for writing about what I like is not a bad reward.

From Splinterlands

I converted the staking rewards for this week (SPS, VOUCHER) from Splinterlands to 4 HIVE. I'm trying to increase my staking rewards, so I've been working hard on my battles lately.

I really wanted to move up to the Diamond League in the previous season, so I asked my husband, who loves games, to help me battle. As a result, I was able to increase my season rewards, but my capture rate dropped to almost 0%. (And I was not able to move up to the Diamond League...)

It is difficult to get many rewards without recovering the capture rate. So I will wait for it to recover to 100%. But my win rate will be worse at the beginning of the season, so using up the capture rate at the end of the season may not be a bad idea.

I couled turn 97 SPS from battle rewards into in-game staking.

Started HBD Savings

As I posted recently, I have withdrawn from STEPN. I sold all remaining assets in the app, which amounted to 123 HIVE and 50 HBD.

I put the 50HBD into a HBD savings account. Will interest be paid when I withdraw? I will wait for fun. 123HIVE was not sure if I should power up, but decided to wait until the next HPUD.

I will reach 1,000 HP by the end of the year😋



ブログ報酬は、1.595 HBD and 4.122 HIVE POWERでした。



Splinterlandsで得た1週間分のステーキング報酬をHIVEに替えて、4 HIVEをゲットしました。日本円にして300円弱です。ステーキング報酬を増やしたいので、最近はバトルを頑張っています。