Hello everyone, I have been proactively increasing my HIVE POWER lately and am writing these reports every week. I'd appreciate it if you'd read.

This week's blog rewards

I got 1.881 HBD + 4.884 HIVE POWER from blog writting this week.

This was not much different from the previous week. I posted almost every day and got this amount with the help of actifit and ecency.

Thanks to everyone who always uovote me !

From Splinterlands

I sold this week's staking rewards in Splinterlands (26.819 SPS + 2.175 vouchers) and now got 4.6 HIVE. It is still SWAP.HIVE in the hive engine and I plan to move it to my wallet at the day of the HPUD on December 1.

I was also able to turn 37 SPS from battle rewards into staking in the game. Some weeks I can battle a lot and some weeks not so much, but at the very least I would like to make sure that the battle rewards are more than the staking rewards. Since I am also the leader of the guild and need to grow my Splinterlands account as well as my HIVE account !

I have started staking $GLX !!

Airdrops of $GLX tokens began in late October of this year for SPS holders (those who are staking). $GLX is the Governance Token for Genesis League Sports, a new gaming platform starting on the HIVE chain.

Initially I was under the impression that the airdrop was a one-time-only. But that is not the case, $GLX will be distributed daily for a year from the start of this program. This is great... It is the same mechanism as the SPS airdrops that took place from last year to this year. The $GLX can already be transferred to the hive engine and bought and sold.

In addition, just recently, $GLX staking is now available. I started immediately and it seems that the interest rate for this staking is currently quite good. My airdrop today was 4.134 GLX, while my staking reward was about 8 GLX. The original amount is about 70 GLX that I earned from airdrops for 2 weeks.

I don't know if I will play in this game because I don't know much about soccer or any other sport. But I'm going to be staking it diligently as it seems to increase my $GLX and consequently my HIVE. I will continue to save HIVE next week with blog writing, gameplay, and staking !!

The thumbnail image is of Nanten (Nandina) taken last week at Mizumoto Park. When I was a child, Nanten was planted in my yard. I have memories of playing with these red berries.



ブログ報酬は、1.881 HBD + 4.884 HIVE POWERでした。前週とさほど変わりません。ほぼ毎日投稿して、actifitやecencyに助けてもらいながらこの額になりました。



1週間分のステーキング報酬(26.819 SPS+2.175 voucher)をHIVEに替えて、4.6 HIVEになりました。このHIVEはまだSWAP.HIVEの状態でhive engineに置いてあり、12月1日のHPUDのタイミングでウォレットに移動させようかなと思っています。



10月下旬から、SPS保有者(ステーキングしている人)に対して$GLXトークンのエアドロップが始まりました。$GLXとは、HIVEチェーン上で始まる新しいゲームプラットフォーム、Genesis League Sportsのガバナンストークンです。

当初私は、10月末に一回だけエアドロされるものと勘違いしていました。そうではなくて、開始から一年間に渡って毎日配布されるんですね。これはすごい…。去年から今年にかけて行われた、SPSのエアドロと同じ仕組みです。$GLXは既にhive engineに送金して、売買することが可能になっています。