Hello. This is my report summarizing my last week's rewards and activities on HIVE. This month I received 500 HP delegation for the HPUD event and I am enjoying my activities in HIVE more. I would like to grow my account little by little.

Last week's blog rewards

Last week's blog reward was 5.228 HBD + 16.403 HP. I posted almost daily, from Liketu, actifit and 3speak.

Recently, I have been posting less from actifit and more from Liketu instead. This is because upvotes from Liketu are still significant.

I started using actifit mainly as a record of the days I went to the hospital for medical checkups, etc. and the days I wanted to skip posting in English. There is a service that allows us to Boost our rewards with AFIT tokens and I use it about once a week. There is no character limit to be upvoted, so I can write whatever I want in Japanese only.

I really like the concept of actifit, where we get rewarded for exercising & posting, so I'm inclined to post every day as much as possible, though.


I got about 3 HIVE by selling SPS and VOUHER for a week's worth of staking rewards. The SPS for staking rewards is 26.599 SPS, which is almost flat. We can finally earn the same amount of SPS in staking rewards for staking as I did the previous week by steadily battling and earning SPS each week. Battle reward SPS (which goes to staking) is now about 100, and in-game staked SPS is now about 7,050 SPS.

Also, last week was the end of the Splinterlands season and I was able to slip up and move up to DIAMOND III. This makes the DIAMOND chest the season's reward for this season, and I'm looking forward to what's in it...!

As for GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS, I sold my $GLX from a week's worth of airdrops and staking rewards to get 6.8HIVE, and although the price of GLX has dropped, I feel like getting 6.8HIVE for doing nothing is not bad.


It is difficult to increase the number of Japanese language posts on HIVE.blog. However, I found myself not recommending HIVE to others for quite some time. Certainly, there are no accounts that can help posts in Japanese now. Even though Google Translate and DEEPL are available, writing in a language we do not normally use remains a daunting task. It is increasingly difficult to recommend HIVE to my friens because it is unlikely that they will be paid immediately for posts they have worked so hard to write. For me, the fun of HIVE is not only about the rewards, but it is a bit of a difficult feeling to explain to others.

Therefore, I will focus on growing my account for some time to come. So that someday when there are more Japanese, I can reward them about $1 for their posts. I would like to accumulate that much HIVE POWER.










GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTSに関しては、一週間分のエアドロップとステーキング報酬で得た$GLXを売却して6.8HIVEを獲得しました。GLXの価格は下がってしまいましたが、何もせずに6.8HIVEもらえるというのは悪くない気がしてきました。


HIVE.blog、なかなか日本語の投稿が増えないなぁ… なんて思っていましたが、私自身、久しく人に勧めていないことに気がつきました。確かに、今は日本語の投稿を支援してくれるようなアカウントもないし(数年前がいかにありがたい状況だったかを今更ながら実感しています)、Google翻訳やDEEPLがあるとはいえ普段使っていない言語で書くのは大変だし、そんな大変な思いをして書いた記事に$0.01しかつかなかったら、誰だって心折れちゃいますよね…。今は少し、勧めづらい時期だと感じています。私にとってHIVEの面白さは報酬だけではないのですが、人に説明するにはちょっと難しい感覚です。

なので、しばらくは自分のアカウントを育てることに注力しようと思います。いつか日本人が増えた時に、記事に$1くらいつけられるように。それくらいのHIVE POWERを蓄えたいです。